Roofing Installation And Repairs

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    We take our business seriously

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    Whether you need a small repair or a complete roof installation — we are the roofing contractor to suit your needs. To keep your roof in healthy condition over time it is necessary to spot possible problems at the early stages.

    Regular inspections and repair are essential for extending the life of your roof.

    We provide free inspections to diagnose potential issues and present you possible options along with price estimate.


    Sometimes the issues might be hidden and cannot be spotted without a professional examination. To address that we always perform a pre-installation inspection so that it won't become a surprise to you. If your house doesn't require roof maintenance at the moment, we will tell you so.

    If your roof needs replacement the process usually consists of several steps:

    • We meet you to go over available options to determine the price and approximate installation timeframe.
    • We order necessary roofing supplies. We keep you up to date with delivery information and any changes in installation schedule.
    • We monitor the weather conditions to figure out the best days for the installation.
    • We prepare the job site to make sure nothing gets damaged during the work.
    • We remove the existing material and make sure your decking is in a good state or needs a repair.
    • We install necessary underlayment, weather protection layers, new shingles, ventilation, and flashing.
    • After the roof is complete, we do a thorough clean up of the job site.

      We take our business seriously

      • We are fully insured
      • We have all necessary licenses and permits
      • We provide flexible payment options: all major cards, PayPal, checks


      We work with different types of residential roofing systems that perfectly match our siding:

      Asphalt Shingles

      Shingles are available in a variety of colors, are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They combine well with different architectural styles.

      Metal Roof

      Some of the most energy-efficient materials, it can withstand severe weather conditions. Metal panels or shingles are available. This roof type is relatively expensive and works well for cabins and cottage-style homes.

      Flat Roof

      Based on traditional technologies this roofing system provides excellent characteristics for low-slope residential roofing. Different layer and coating types, either mechanically attached or with adhered applications, ensure durability and walkable design for easy maintenance.

      Fiberglass Roof

      Fiberglass roof is one of the most robust roofing materials. It is lightweight, fire-resistant and sustains severe weather conditions. Fiberglass panels come in a range of colors and are relatively inexpensive. They are suitable for patios and other outdoor projects.

      Roof Coatings

      Roof coatings are the topmost layer of the roofing system. Depending on the type they provide leaks, ponding water, and sun protection. Easy application process and cost-effectiveness make roof coatings an excellent choice for the protection layer.